Amita Weaire, the founder of the ‘La Dolce Vita’ caffe has always had a passion for good quality coffee but struggled to find the perfect brand. It was on a visit to the chic resort of Riccione, on Italy’s Adriatic coast, that she fell in love with the style of Italian cafes and gelateria – bar culture. It was here that she came across Pascucci Torrefazione s.p.a.a family run coffee company based near San Marino.
Amita and her family had been operating Baskin Robbins ice cream parlours in North West London for more than 30 years however times change and the ice cream market is moving away from American style parlours towards a more European, Italian style. And so it was that Amita, with the help of Michele from MST Design, set about recreating her dream with her first caffe gelateria opening in Hatch End in 2014, manufacturing ice cream daily on the premises using fresh quality ingredients, and introducing the town to lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, paspuccios, gianduos and variety of Italian sandwiches and pastas,homemade cakes and cheesecakes.
Our Ruislip store was converted from Baskin Robbins to La Dolce Vita in 2015 serving 36 freshly made flavours . A variety of different flavours are made which include exciting sorbets which are suitable for Vegans and people who are on a dairy free diet . We also make No Added Sugar flavours .